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    Cowdfunding: Will it change the world?

    Rhett Power in the U.S. Embassy's Today's Voices Series, Tuesday, May 13 at 6 pm

    The U.S. Embassy in Vienna invited us to participate in their round table with Rhett Power. He co-founded Wild Creations, a toy company and one of the fastest growing busiesses in South Carolina. Via skype conference, we were able to hear what Rhett Power had to say about the advantages of crowdfunding in various fields and could even bring in some of our own questions. It was very interesting to hear about his first hand experience with crowdfunding and about other experiences he has heard and seen off due to his business advisor position. He also gave us insights into his new book "One Million Frogs", explained what it was about and 

    why it has it's title. We were very glad to be a part of this project, even though we were far away. Rhett Power

    Rhett Power 2