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    Project Day with BORG Innsbruck


    February 9, 2011, University of Innsbruck

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    On February 9, 2011, the American Corner Innsbruck was happy to welcome pupils from the BORG Innsbruck and acquaint them with important aspects of American life and culture. All participants thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative project which had been successfully instigated last year.

    The project began with a little quiz in which the pupils could show their knowledge of American icons, history, and culture in general. The level of familiarity was astonishing. Prof. Gudrun Grabher, director of the ACI, then introduced the students to the activities and aims of the Corner, explaining in particular its focus on medical and legal narratives. This introduction was followed by an interactive talk by Dr. Claudia Schwarz on stereotypes and Americanism as part of (our) everyday life. Christof Diem then, together with the pupils, tried to trace back the historical development of democracy in the US.

    The pupils’ final task was to team up in groups, each group preparing a text pertinent to the topics discussed before. They were asked to create a poster that would summarize the major points of their respective text, and then present it to their peers.

    The American Corner team would like to thank everyone who contributed to this project and made it a unique experience.

    (Text: Christof Diem)

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