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    International Day at the Claudiana

    The historic Claudiana in Old Town Innsbruck--named for Claudia di Medici, who dedicated the building during her reign as a Habsburg spouse and regent of Tirol--is home to the regional and national centers of the University of Innsbruck, as well as the UIBK Office of International Relations.  On Tuesday, 4 November, all these centers hosted a joint International Day Open house.  Long in the planning, the open house was a great success.  An estimated 400 visitors came, at least 300, of whom we at the ACI documented as coming into our office!  Adults, students and even entire school classes came to learn about the wide range of international opportunities at the University of Innsbruck and beyond.  The ACI staff had compiled a U.S. States quiz flip chart, which was a great hit, and the surprise magnet of the day was a children's U.S. states puzzle, which captivated even seasoned adults.  Countless booklets and brochures with U.S. information were distributed and the sign-up sheets for American pie baking and eLibraryUSA workshops were well-filled.  Home-baked peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies, home-made party mix and some extra Halloween candy kept snackers happy with a literal taste of the U.S.

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    International Day 4.11.

    The American Corner Innsbruck sponsored a Go Pro camera for the prize drawing. People had to fill out a questionnaire, which lead them into the different offices. Stefanie was drawn for our prize and came by the office for the official prize giving on the 19th of November. Steffi is a big fan of skiing and was very happy about winning something that is useful to her. She had said on the questionnaire that she had never won anything ever before. The ACI Staff was super excited to give away the prize to someone who will actually use it and was heartwarmingly overwhelmed by winning it. Stefanie offered to take some pictures of her using the camera while skiing and let us have some footage taken with the Go Pro, to which we are very much looking forward to.