American Corner Innsbruck

    Eric Taylor & Band

    Musical Performance at Die Bäckerei, September 23rd, 20.45

    Eric Taylor is an outstanding singer and songwriter. His mix of original songs and covers are performed with gusto and emotion. This is probably due to the fact that the set is picked one at a time, in the spur of the moment.

    Eric Taylor 23.09.14 2

    The audience particularly enjoyed his stories of his youth in America, the reason he calls Texas home, his travels inside, and outside the US in the last 40 years. A German fellow musician and friend, with whom he obviously had a lot of fun on the scene, accompanied Mr. Taylor. The very diverse crowd was introduced to jazz, country, and the blues,; all of them accompanied by a story.

    Eric Taylor 23.09.14 4

    Die Bäckerei is always open for new things, cozy to be at, and the best space in Innsbruck for things like these. We are looking forward to the next event, with a great musician in these perfect surroundings.