American Corner Innsbruck

    Music and Cultural Visit to the Waldorfschule in Innsbruck with Spencer Bohren

    Wednesday, March 4th, 12:00, Waldorschule Innsbruck 

    The American Corner Innsbruck was delighted to sponsor Spencer Bohren’s visit to the Waldorfschule here in Innsbruck. No doubt were the students and teachers just as thrilled to have him in their school sharing his special connection with music and the journey it has taken him on. An attentive and curious audience of 60+ students listened, sang and openly asked questions of all sorts during the hour Spencer spent in the spacious music room at the school. He demonstrated first hand different styles of music coming from the United States, how they differ and explained how they have influenced the development of each other over time. In doing so he also painted a picture of the musical and social culture found in the city of New Orleans, where he has spent the last 30 years as a musician, as well as giving an impression of the life of a musician having to travel from city to city and often being in a new place every night. Near the end, wanting to give sample of the sound of the lap steel guitar, but not having an amplifier in the room, he set his lap steel on top of the closed lid of the grand piano with the students coming in turns to put their ear to the piano to listen to the beautiful sounds of the instrument. It was a fun and educational experience that surely made an impression on students and teachers alike.