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COV&R-Bulletin No. 17 (Oct. 1999)

COV&R Business Meeting

Atlanta, Georgia

June 5, 1999

Cesareo Bandera Presiding:

At the annual business meeting of COV&R, Cesareo Bandera announced nominations for the Advisory Board. The following were elected to three-year terms: Gil Bailie, Marie-Louise Martinez (second three-year term), Eric Gans. Diana Culbertson was elected President of COV&R and Sandor Goodhart, Executive Secretary. In view of their immense service to the Colloquium and in recognition of their scholarly contributions to the mission of the Colloquium,, James Williams and Raymund Schwager were both elected lifetime members of the Advisory Board.

Further announcements followed: the semi-annual COV&R conference at the AAR/SBL November 20 and the next annual international conference at Boston College in 2000 (See details in Bulletin.)

Plans are going forward for a European meeting in Agen, France, in 2000. Further information will follow.

Considerable appreciation was expressed for the beautifully organised and academically stimulating conference in Atlanta organised by Thee Smith and colleagues at Emory University. Thee will continue to advise future conference planners. Papers from the conference (Violence Reduction in Theory and Practice: From Primates to Nations) are available at http://www.emory.edu/COLLEGE/RELIGION/VR/COVR99meeting.html

The Listserv for COV&R which has been sent from East Carolina University for the last seven years will now be administered from UCLA by Eric Gans. Collaboration between Anthropoetics and COV&R will benefit both groups. (Send the message "Subscribe" to COVRlist-request@ humnet.ucla.edu)

COV&R members were invited to bring Rene Girard's theory to the attention of the national media by suggesting speakers for television forums and to consider forming special programs within other professional organisations.

Finally COV&R members thanked Cesareo Bandera for his leadership in the last two years.