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Colloquium On Violence & Religion



COV&R-Bulletin No. 17 (Oct. 1999)


ATLANTA, GA., June 2, 1999

Present: Thee Smith, Eric Gans, Cheryl Kirk-Duggan, Sandy Goodhart, Robert Daly, Julie Shinnick, Cesareo Bandera, Dietmar Regensburger, Wolfgang Palaver, Johan Elsen, Diana Culbertson

Presiding: Cesareo Bandera

The meeting was called to order by President Bandera at 9:15

1. The minutes of the meeting in 1998 meeting in St. Denis were reviewed and discussed. (Moved by Robert Daly, seconded by Cheryl Kirk-Duggan) Approved.

2. Treasurer's Report

Julie Shinnick, the American treasurer, reported that the present balance is $6430.25 Discussion followed on the topic of prospective debts and possible future income. Dietmar Regensburger reported that the European financial situation with a balance of $8162.93 is less than encouraging because the distribution of the next issue of the Bulletin will exhaust the (checking)account.

3. Nominations

In view of the pro-tem status of Diana Culbertson as Executive Secretary until Sandor Goodhart was established at Purdue University, Sandor Goodhart was elected Executive Secretary. Goodhart then nominated Diana Culbertson for president. Discussion followed. Culbertson was elected.

In subsequent voting, the term of Marie-Louise Martinez was renewed for three years and the following were nominated and elected to the Advisory Board: Cesario Bandera, Gil Bailie, Eric Gans, and Josef Niewiadomski.

In view of their immense service to the Colloquium and in recognition of their scholarly contributions to the mission of the Colloquium, James Williams and Raymund Schwager were both elected lifetime members of the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board now includes the following members:

R. Girard honorary chairman for life

Gil Bailie first term expires 2002

Cesario Bandera first term expires 2002

R. Daly first term expires 2001

G. Fornari first term expires 2000

H. Jensen first term expires 2000

C. Kirk-Duggan second term expires 2001

M.-L. Martinez second term expires 2002

W. Palaver first term expires 2000

(completing Elsen's term)

R. Schwager (lifetime)

T. Seibers first term expires 2000

J. Williams first term expires 2000

(completing Shinnick's term)


D. Culbertson term of president expires in 2001

S Goodhart term of executive secretary

expires in 2002

Thee Smith will be invited to function as a consultant to the Advisory Board on planning the next conferences. The nominating committee for the COV&R 2000 meeting will be Diana Culbertson, Sandor Goodhart, and Wolfgang Palaver.

4. Thee Smith discussed details of the forthcoming meeting in Atlanta. Extensive discussion included the announcement that all papers would be posted on the Conference Web site (http://www.emory.edu/College/Religion/VR). Further discussion included the possibility of archiving all conference papers at the COV&R Web site.

5. Diana Culbertson announced the topic of the COV&R conference to be held in conjunction with the AAR/SBL meeting in Boston, November 20. Space has been requested for the 9a.m.-12 time period just before the official opening of the national meeting which extends from November 20-23. The topic is "Ruach Elohiym/Holy Spirit: The Breath of Non-Violence." Speakers will be Sandor Goodhart and Tony Bartlett. We are working on inviting a respondent.

6. Robert Daly announced plans for the COV&R meeting at Boston College in 2000 (May 31-June3). An outline of the meeting was provided which received general approval. Discussion focused on the integration of the theme of the Conference (comparative theology) with mimetic theory and the Lonergan/Girard nexus. The tentative title of the conference is "Violence and Institution in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism."

7. Sandy Goodhart invited the Board to consider the advantages of a conference at Purdue University that would convene in connection with a funded Buddhist meeting. Johan Elsen proposed a meeting in Antwerp in the year 2001. Wolfgang Palaver proposed a meeting in Innsbruck in 2003. Plans were not definitive for any of these conferences.

8. Johan Elsen reported on the status of the Bulletin. Discussion followed on its content and format. In future issues, a complete Bibliography might no longer be provided in the Bulletin, but readers will be referred to the Web site. Emphasis will be on significant articles and books that address issues of interest to the members of COV&R.

9. Andrew McKenna (in absentia) submitted a report on Contagion. Volume 7 will be published shortly. The journal's checking account of $1460.92 plus $1,500.00 from Loyola University will be used to defray printing expenses for the next issue. Since Andrew McKenna will not be department chair, and has a new dean, support from Loyola University for the volume 8 is still problematic.

Administer the COV&R Listserv and U.S. Web site. The List will be transferred from East Carolina to UCLA. Andrew McKenna and Eric Gans will collaborate on linking Contagion to Anthropoetics, the electronic journal presently administered by Eric Gans. This link will strengthen COV&R's presence and encourage more discussion and exchange of ideas than has been the case with the present ECU Listserv.

10. Finally, Wolfgang Palaver clarified the purpose of the special working groups already approved at the Graz Conference in 1997. Each Conference planner is urged to set aside half of one day for papers and discussion among participants who have particular academic specialities. These include literary criticism and aesthetics, political science, biblical theology, systematic theology and philosophy, psychology and psychiatry, education, anthropology, religious studies, gender concerns.

Diana Culbertson

Executive Secretary, 1998-99