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Colloquium On Violence & Religion



COV&R-Bulletin No. 9 (Oct. 1995)

The Ex-President's Report

Looking back on the past four years I have a good feeling. Although we might have expected our colloquium to grow more vigorously in quantity, we enjoy good contacts and a friendly atmosphere. At our annual symposium I learned that quite a few members look forward to our meeting. This is certainly a very positive sign. Thus, looking back, I want to thank everybody: First of all Jim Williams, our Executive Secretary, who works for COV&R with great zeal and dedication and who guarantees a development without greater crises. Thanks are due to Judith Arias, without whose enormous, time consuming engagement Contagion would never have come into existence. I hope that her work will bear fruit and that COV&R will get known further afield. Special thanks also go to those who work in the background: Kaeti and Gil Bailie for their work as treasurers, Wolfgang Palaver and Dietmar Regensburger for the regular editing of the Bulletin and the bibliography. The annual symposiums are of special importance for COV&R. It is a lot of work to organize them. Therefore I want to thank all those who have taken trouble to do this. In pleasant memory of our last symposium my extra-special thanks go to Andrew McKenna, whom I want to congratulate on his successful work. My best wishes go to the new president, Cesaréo Bandera, who has played an important role for COV&R from the beginning. He will be a great leader.

Raymund Schwager