Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics

Cavity Quantum E-Dyn.

CQED Theory


Please find an overview about highlighted publications, visitors and other news about our group below.

Quantum Flagship iqClock starts

Nov 2018: Read the press release on what our group will do in the iqClock project.

Visit by Natalia Masalaeva

Jun - Sep 2018: Natalia Masalaeva from the University of St. Petersburg joins us for a research visit.

Prasanna Venkatesh joins

Jun 2018: B. Prasanna Venkatesh joins our group as a PostDoc for a couple of months.

Visit by Karol Gietka

Oct 2017 - Apr 18: Karol Gietka from the University of Warsaw joins us for an extended research visit as part of his PhD studies.

Wolfgang Niedenzu returns

Apr 2018: After a PostDoc at the Weizmann Institute in Israel Wolfgang Niedenzu returns as an ESQ fellow.

Matthias Sonnleitner returns

Oct 2017: Matthias Sonnleitner returns from two years at the University of Glasgow in the realm of his Erwin-Schrödinger fellowship.

Visit by Mariona Moreno

Nov/Dec 2017: Mariona Moreno-Cardoner from Darrick Chang's group at ICFO in Barcelona visits us for a couple of weeks in late 2017.

Elvia Colella joins the group

Sep 2017: After her Master's in Pisa Elvia Colella joins our group to start working on her PhD thesis.

Francesco Piazza leaves us for MPI Dresden

Mar 2017: Francesco Piazza leaves us to head his own research group at the Max Planck Institute for Complex Systems in Dresden.

Claudiu Genes leaves for MPI Erlangen

Jan 2017: Claudiu Genes leaves our group to head his own research group at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light in Erlangen.