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Montag, 17.01.2022

Vortrag und Diskussion  ONLINE

Andri Snær Magnason: On Time and Water

16:00 - 18:00 Uhr
online, https://lms.uibk.ac.at/bigbluebutton/Magnason

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Andri Snær Magnason

Andri Snær Magnason is an Icelandic writer and a father of four children. He has a long experience as a storyteller and a poet, his books have been published or performed in more than 40 languages. His eulogy for the lost OK glacier hit headlines all around the world in 2019. He is unafraid of surfing genres. He has won the Icelandic Literary Award in all categories, fiction, non-fiction and YA/childrens literature.

Weitere Informationen

We have discussed climate change for almost 30 years now…

but for many it seems like we don't really understand the issue. In a way you could say the issue is larger than language, as the scale is of mythological proportions. When leaders of the world discuss rise of sea level, glacial melting and general warming of the planet, that is an issue human leaders have never discussed before. We have the data, the prediction of scientists but still most habits and cultures of the 20th century continue like that information did not exist. In his work, Andri Snær Magnason tries to understand the language of climate change, how to connect data to the soul, how to connect in an intimate way to dates like 2150 and understand how we are in a paradigm shift, where every aspect of our lives and industries has to be redesigned, rethought, and remade. That applies very much to building, architecture and construction.


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