Research Institute of Economic Geography and Regional Policy, University of St. Gallen

(*Forschungsstelle für Wirtschaftsgeographie und Raumordnungspolitik, Hochschule St. Gallen)
Function: Partner
Abbreviation in the project: FWR-HSG*
Address: PO Box 67, CH - 9011 St.Gallen, Switzerland

Description of the Institute

•  Supporting the curricula of the University of St.Gallen (HSG) in the fields of economic geography, regional science (incl. demography) and regional policy.
•  Research and consulting in the fields of location-theory, urban development, regional planning, sustainable development.
•  Management of extra-mural courses and conferences.
•  Publishing a discussion paper series.
•  Documentation in the specified fields of research and teaching.

Economic-ecological optimization of regional systems, esp. tourism in mountain areas, traffic management in conurbation areas, locational effects of dynamic market systems, and of network technology.

Consulting of public authorities and NGO's in questions of urban development (LA 21), location decisions, regional policy and environmental management.

Conferences / Courses
•  Conferences and courses in the fields of theoretical and applied economic geography, regional policy and environmental management.
•  Training courses for teachers in the area of economic geography / social geography.

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