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Accademia Europea di Bolzano - Alpine Environment

Function: Scientific Leader
Abbreviation in the project: EURAC
Address: Viale Druso 1, I-39100 Bolzano, Italy
Webpage: http://www.eurac.edu


Description of the Institute

Its location midst in the Alpine Range provides EURAC with ideal conditions for application oriented research and for investigating questions regarding the interface between humanity and environment, such as:

  • What are the conditions under which sustainable development can occur in a mountain area?
  • How do land use changes affect the landscape?
  • What needs to be considered in protecting sensitive areas?

The central theme of all research projects is the "sustainable development of mountain regions". To properly explore this subject the research is

  • problem oriented and based on the needs of the mountain regions;
  • International in partnerships and collaborations, as well as in subjects and project areas;
  • interdisciplinary by means of a motivated team working at the interfaces between ecology, economy and sociology;
  • innovative in its methods (remote reconnaissance, GIS, multivariate statistics, modeling) and scientific integrity;
  • regionally applicable thanks to a good relationship with the local bureaucracy and acceptance among the population.

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Tappeiner

Erich Tasser
+43-512-507-5978 or

Caroline Pecher

Daniela Dellantonio


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