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Function: Partner
Abbreviation in the project: CEMAGREF
Address: Domaine Universitaire, 2, Rue de la Papeterie – BP 76, 38402 Cedex St.-Martin-D’Heres, France
Webpage: http://www.grenoble.cemagref.fr/grenoble

Description of the Institute

Cemagref  is a public agricultural and environmental research institute whose work focuses on sustainable development in non-urban areas. Il contributes to the conservation and acceptable management of land and water systems, the growth of economic activity on a sustainable basis, and the prevention of associated risks. At Grenoble, four research units devote the major part of their works to the montaineous regions:

Development of mountain territories
Mountain agriculture and environment
Mountain ecosystems and environment
Snow avalanche engineering and torrent control


Vincent Briquel



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