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    “Studying English at the University of Innsbruck” School visit with the APP, held at the LFU Innsbruck

    On 24 June 2015, four American Corner Innsbruck representatives had invited Mag. Gabriele Pisek and a colleague to come to the University with 65 of their students of English at the Gymnasium Adolf Pichler Platz here in Innsbruck. To a full lecture hall A, one of the nicest ones in the main building of the Leopold Franzens Universtiy, the ACI staff gave an informative presentation on what the ACI does and can provide, as well as studying English at the University of Innsbruck. We wish to engage future students as early as possible and it also fits with the core area of language. As some of the students will be graduating in the following spring, they took interest in the information provided by these native speakers, two of whom are currently English students at the University of Innsbruck. Two culture quizzes, one of the UK and another of the U.S. were done in groups and gone over together. It gave the students a taste of what types of things cold be expected in the cultural studies portion of the university and they participated enthusiastically and enjoyed the activity. Every day applications for Literary Studies and Linguistics were present in an equally engaging fashion. Many took advantage of the opportunity to ask questions. The two exchange students from the U.S. were engaged especially by the group. The ACI also provided teaching materials for the teachers, made available by the U.S. Embassy in Vienna. It was yet another successful school visit.

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