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A Map of COV&R Partners all over the World.


network_map.jpg  Britt Johnston's Cybermesa Homepage  James Alison's Website The Raven Foundation The Sacred Victim Vindicated Cornerstone Forum Girardian Reflexions Preaching Peace Girard Studiekring RGKW Violence et Sacré  Association Recherches Mimétiques Life and Peace Imitatio  Anthropoetics Theology & Peace

On this map you will find links to internet pages of COV&R Partners and COV&R members. These pages will give you introductions to the theory of René Girard and/or will show you the different implications of the mimetic theory in various fields. Furthermore you will also find some practical applications of René Girards theory.


Hints on further interesting Girard pages please mail to: Dietmar Regensburger, University of Innsbruck