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Colloquium On Violence & Religion



COV&R-Bulletin No. 17 (Oct. 1999)

COV&R List

The listserv of the Colloquium on Violence & Religion, formerly at East Carolina University, has now been transferred to UCLA. Those wishing to subscribe should send the following message:

Address to:covrlist-request@humnet.ucla.edu

Subject field:[unimportant]

Body of message: subscribe

NB: The message must be sent from the address at which you wish to subscribe.

To remove your name from the list, use the same procedure with "unsubscribe" in the place of "subscribe".

If you wish to subscribe (or unsubscribe) an address different from the one you are now using or if you have any other problem with this procedure, please write directly at Eric Gans, e-mail: gans@humnet.ucla.edu.

To communicate a message to all the members of the list, send it to: covrlist@humnet.ucla.edu