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Colloquium On Violence & Religion



COV&R-Bulletin No. 15 (Oct. 1998)


The business meeting of the Colloquium took place on Saturday, May 30, 1998 in the Bourse du travail, St. Denis. It began at 3 p.m. and was adjourned at 4:25 p.m. There were 39 members present.

Presiding: Cesareo Bandera .

1. The president expressed our thanks to Marie-Loise Martinez and all those who helped organize the conference. This word of thanks was followed by warm applause for Martinez, the CNEFEI team, and all others who organized and supported the symposium.

2. President Bandera asked James Williams, the outgoing Executive Secretary, to say a words upon the end of his term of office. He expressed his optimism about COV&R's future and his gratitude for the friendship and cooperation of his colleagues. This was met with a round of applause.

3. Treasurer's Report Gil Bailie, in absentia, for the North American account: a balance prior to the meeting of $5, 129. Dietmar Regesburger for the European account at Innsbruck: a balance of $7, 516.

4. Nominations

Executive Secretary: Diana Culbertson

Treasurer: Julie Shinnick

Editor of Bulletin: Johan Elsen

Advisory Board:

Raymund Schwager (renomination), who in turn asked that Robert Daly replace him as a nominee. This was accepted by the group.

Sandor Goodhart (renomination)

Cheryl Kirk-Duggan (renomination)

James Williams (replacing Julie Shinnick, two more years)

Wolfgang Palaver (replacing Johan Elsen, two more years)

René Girard moved and William Mishler seconded that the slate of nominees presented by the Advisory Board be accepted. This was done by a unanimous vote.

5. Future Meetings

a. At Orlando, in conjunction with AAR/SBL, November 21, 1998: Williams reported that the theme would be "Field Work in Sacred Violence." Paul Bellan-Boyer is the organizer. He will give a paper on the mimetic theory and preaching the lectionary, and Fred Boehrer will present a paper on the mimetic theory and starting a Catholic Worker house. Respondents will be Rusty Palmer, Thee Smith, and Walter Wink.

b. In Atlanta at Emory University, early June of 1999: Fred Smith reporting for Thee Smith. The theme is "Primates to Nations: Violence Reduction in Theory and Practice."

c. At Boston College in Chestnut Hill, MA, late May of 2000: Robert Daly reporting. The primary subject will be institutional religion and personal and social violence in Christianity and other religions. A secondary theme may be a discussion between COV&R people and those interested in the work of Lonergan. A question was raised as to whether the topic should be expanded to include all humanistic institutions. This was discussed and taken under advisement.

6. Amendment to Constitution of COV&R

The president explained that the Advisory Board was concerned about finding officers in a relatively small organization like COV&R who were not only willing and able to serve, but who enjoyed the kind of institutional or other support which would enable them to do their jobs properly. Therefore the Advisory Board proposed this amendment to the Constitution: "At the discretion of the Advisory Board, the three-year term of the following officers may be renewed beyond the two-term limit: executive secretary, editor of the Bulletin, editor of Contagion, and treasurer." This amendment was approved by all but one member present.

Respectfully submitted, James Williams