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COV&R-Bulletin No. 14 (March 1998)

Education, Mimesis, Violence and Reduction of Violence. The Annual Summer Meeting of COV&R in Saint-Denis (near Paris), France. May 2730, 1998

It will focus on the question of education. The question of acquisitive mimesis and the relationship with the mediator is at the core of the problematic of education. It supports the mimetic theory and the Girardian approach. It hasn't even been sufficiently considered as a main role in educational relationships with the school, family and society. We know today that, in most countries, violence in education poses serious problems. Many researchers focus on the question with various views. Although, we seem to be capable of bringing a lot of illuminating and clarity to debates on the approaches according to mimetic and Girardian theories (yet not very well-known).

A meeting focusing on this topic is important because it is relevant to the very substance of education. It enables the development of subjectivity; involves self-identity and the social relationship; and raises the question of man and his future. This theme concerns most disciplines. Pedagogy has a word to say as do, likewise, philosophy, human sciences, theology, rights, literary, artistic and sporting disciplines.

This colloquium is going to be an exceptional opportunity to have a combined and multi-disciplinary meeting. Besides it will allow scholars who work on different theories to converse. We believe that it will even contribute to the knowledge and recognition of Girardian thought in France.

To this day, already more than 60 quality proposals have been accepted. They will be organized in the form of either plenary sessions, round tables or workshops. The time allotted for each lecturer will be closely observed: approximately 30 minutes for the plenary session, 20 minutes for the round table and 15 minutes for the workshop. Provided that everyone focus on the substance of what he wishes to present, a greater number of lectures will be permitted. There will be two official languages for the lectures: French and English, with the installation of a simultaneous translation system. Joint activities in evening, stimulating conversations and the publication of the colloquium's proceedings in French and English will enable each person to develop his subject more and have an exchange with the others.

The meeting promises to be exiting. We already have numerous registrations and we expect to welcome more than two hundred people. As soon as you send in your completed registration form accompanied by your payment, we will send you the documentation on the program as well as cultural and festive activities. I look forward to seeing you.

Cordially, Marie-Louise Martinez and the Colloquium Co-ordination committee

Reception, organisation and a scientific contribution to the COV&R colloquium has been assured by the institutional partnerships such as The City of Saint-Denis, CNEFEI, CREA, Conseil de l'Europe, Fondation de France, etc. We have made the conditions for the registrations and accommodations as convenient as possible.

General information

Registration fees for COV&R members is 300 French Francs (payable to CNEFEI)

You can obtain a registration form by contacting Ms. Cordigen Jouy des Roseirs at CNEFEI.

Tel.: 33 / 1 41 44 31 21 Fax : 33 / 1 41 44 31 21 or by E-mail: cnefei-brex@education.gouv.fr

Possible accommodations

1) There are still some collective rooms available (3 or 5 persons) at the Municipal Hostel. (please see registration form for more details)

2) Hotels in Saint-Denis or Paris can be directly reserved for example at:

FACOTEL 196 boulevard Anatole France, 93200 Saint-Denis
Tel : 00 33 / 1 48 13 55 00
Fax : 00 33 / 1 48 13 55 01
E-mail : http://www.oda.fr/aa/facotel
250 F / day / person lodging in a single room
195 F / day / person lodging in a double room

Htel Campanile 14 rue Jean Jaur s, 93200 Saint-Denis
Tel : 00 33 / 1 48 20 74 31
Fax : 00 33 / 1 48 20 74 26
305 F / day / person lodging in a single room
185 F / day / person lodging in a double room

If you choose to lodge at a hotel, you must make reservation yourself and it is advisable to do this as soon as possible.


Access by car is very easy, as well as public transportation:

Mtro line # 13 or

RER (which has a direct line to the Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport)