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Colloquium On Violence & Religion



COV&R-Bulletin No. 13 (Oct. 1997)

A Note from the Executive Secretary

Our conference in Graz was special in many ways. The subject of film was a new one for many of us, one which forced us to confront mimesis and violence in a new way. The setting was interesting and delightful and the organization was superb. Many thanks to Gerhard Larcher, our host and organizer, and to Christian Wesseley and Elisabeth Kuehrner for their friendly efficiency in dealing with 115 registered participants, many of whom came to them daily with questions.

I would like to welcome our new Advisory Board members: Tobin Siebers, Julie Shinnick, Guiseppe Fornari, and Hans J.L. Jensen. They replace Judith Arias, Diana Culbertson, Robert Hamerton-Kelly, and Theophus Smith. Our thanks to the latter four for their service. Judy Arias served on the Board for six years and was the first editor of our journal, Contagion. Without her vision and effort, it might not have been launched. Diana Culbertson is one of our devoted colleagues and friends who is often on the road to give lectures on the mimetic theory. She will be the associate editor of the journal and, as such, will continue to serve on the Board ex officio. Bob Kelly was one of the key persons in the founding of COV&R and is an ongoing valuable member. Thee Smith was one of the founding group in 1990. As the organizer of the 1999 conference, which will meet at his institution, Emory University in Atlanta, he will continue to work closely with the Advisory Board.

My term of office ended at the 1997 meeting. I agreed to continue for another year, as did also Wolfgang Palaver as editor of the Bulletin and Gil Bailie as treasurer. We need to engage in serious reflection and recruiting activity to find the right persons for these offices.

James G. Williams