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COV&R-Bulletin No. 13 (Oct. 1997)

Announcement of 1998 COV&R Meeting: Mimesis, Education, and Reduction of Violence.

Saint-Denis en France (near Paris), May 27 -30, 1998

Organized in co-partnership with the Saint-Denis city council, Paris 8 University, CREA, NATHAN ed., UNESCO, European Council...

Call for Papers

Violence, in all its appearances, is dangerously challenging our modern societies. It seems to resist all regulating endeavors. The preventing role education is meant to have seems now powerless. Actually, school and family are now privileged fields where a multiform violence is produced and reproduced.

This wave of violence should be taken with all due seriousness and calls for the raising of fundamental questions. The analysis of the phenomenon will stress the crisis of moral values. It will also be a reminder of how social gaps and exclusion are widened by unemployment and economic problems. Nevertheless, these issues have to be linked to the basic anthropological process generating tension, resentment and violence between people and at the institutional level.

How can the work on mimesis, on violence and the sacred, on the scapegoat mechanism offer a new understanding of the aspects of violence in education? In which respect to these works lead to question drastically what's at stake at the core on the learning and teaching relationship?

Referring to Renéé Girard's works, the symposium will study the conditions in which latent violence within the educational relationship, in its mimetic pattern, is susceptible to eruption thus tearing the social fabric, or, on the contrary, to ritualizing itself spontaneously or being channeled by deliberate strategies so as to become a factor of social cohesion.

The symposium will essentially focus on the relevance of the Girardian hypothesis as far as reflection on education is concerned: taking into account together the different aspects of educational violence in their utmost paradoxical forms, revealing the dynamics between institutional violence and essential endemic violence, recognizing the positiveness of conflicts regarding the consensus over the violent sacred, giving the opportunity to re-think the interface between anthropogenesis and ontogenesis, casting a new light on epistemological violence and its consequences, tackling the means of surpassing violence, etc.

The issue of education will not strictly refer to school education but will be open to family, or even on a wider basis, to the relationship between generations.

The symposium will call for communications from members of COV&R but the contribution of other researchers as well as education data will also allow for a rich and critical confrontation.

We particularly wish to ensure a variety of points of view (hermeneutics, philosophical and anthropological works about language, etc.) and a cross-fertilization between different subjects (human sciences, educational sciences, philosophy, theology, juridic, etc.) in order to enhance, through dialogue and analysis, the proposition of alternative solutions.

The Paris team

Please send paper proposals to

Marie-Louise Martinez

e-mail : mlmarti@club-internet.fr

CNEFEI (Centre National d'Etudes et de Formation pour l'Enfance Inadaptéée)

Bureau des Relations Extéérieures

58 -60 Avenue des Landes

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tel :00 33 I 41 44 31 21(or 22 or 23)

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e-mail : cnefei-brex@edutel.fr

To enroll for this conference please send 100 Francs or 20 US $ to the above mentioned address at the CNEFEI.

Two deadlines are extremely important:

December 1: submission of paper proposals (abstracts no longer than 200 words)

March 1: submission of papers

(The Advisory Board has decided that with the precirculation of papers it is not necessary to read them in their entirety. Presenters should be prepared to summarize them or present highlights in 15 minutes)


Municipal Hostel in Saint-Denis (only for 50 persons)

rooms of 3-6 persons - 100 F/day

26 May 26, 1997 to May 31, 1997

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