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Colloquium On Violence & Religion



COV&R-Bulletin No. 12 (March 1997)

Film and Modernity:Violence, Sacrifice and Religion. The Annual Summer Meeting of COV&R in Graz (June 24 -27, 1197)

The program in general

1. Film as an aesthetic and cultural project of modernity; Film and the specific violent dynamics of modernity

2. Violence, sacrificial structures and religion in contemporary film

a.) reflecting historical, political and ethnic conflicts in Southeastern Europe

b.) reflecting socio-psychological and existential problems reflecting the juridical system of society; example: capital punishment;

3. Various films of all quality-levels (commercial as well as artfilms) dealing with the general issue of the assembly in different workshops

The program in detail


Advisory board - session from 10.30 a.m. onward;

Arrival between 1.00 and 6.00 pm at the "Bildungshaus Mariatrost"

(a shuttle service from the airport or trainstation can be provided)

6.30 pm Dinner

8.00 pm Screening of "Le regard de l'Ulisse"(Th. Angelopoulos) and "Underground" (E. Kusturica) at Mariatrost.


09.00 am Welcome and general introduction by G. Larcher

09.30 am Gerhard Larcher, In Search of Historical Identity and Reconciliation: Art (esp.film) and History

10.45 am N.N.

12.30 am Lunch

2.30 pm Screening of "Le regard de l'Ulisse" and "Underground" (Schubertkino, Halls 1 and 2 respectively; downtown)

5.30 pm Panel and plenary discussion

7.00 pm Dinner (downtown)

9.00 pm Schubertkino: Screening of "Bad Lieutenant"; parallel: "King of New York" (both by A. Ferrara)


09.15 am Statements on A. Ferraras Films (with plenary discussion):

M.M. Roßß, Good Violence - an Essay on King of N.Y.

B. Murauer, Violence and the Sacred in A.Ferraras Films

T. Pace, N.N.

P. Hasenberg, Images of Christ in Ferrara's Films

12.30 am Lunch

3.00 pm Schubertkino: Screening of "Benny's Video" or "Funny Games" (M. Haneke) (Hall 1)

5.00 pm M. Haneke (director), Film-aesthetics and violence

5.45 pm Panel and Plenary discussion (statements of H. Meindl, Ch. Suppan)

6.30 pm Dinner (in town)

8.00 pm Schubertkino: Screening of "Dead Man Walking" (T. Robbins) and "Das Jüüngste Gericht/ The Last Judgement" (Herz Frank)


09.15 am E. Arens, Dead Man Walking. On cinematic treatment of publicly licensed killing

10.00 am B. Neurathner, C. Ginther, Statements on Herz Frank's "The Last Judgement"

11.30 am M. Verbeek, Dead Man Walking

12.30 am Lunch

Afternoon for free disposition

6.00 pm R. Girard (tentative),Violence and Sacrificial Structures in Film and Media Today

8.00 pm Reception by the City of Graz (downtown)


09.00 am Screening of "Pulp Fiction" (Qu.Tarantino) and "Natural Born Killers" (O. Stone) at Mariatrost

10.30 am A. Bartlett, The Party's Over (Almost): Terminal Celebration in Contemporary Film

10.45 am Jon F. Pahl, Aesthetics of Violence - Cinema and Sacrifice

11.45 am A. Duque, Modern Film and the Crisis of Human Values

12.30 am Lunch

2.00 pm Workshops in three parallel sessions (Mariatrost) with papers by Ch. Kirk-Duggan, D. Culbertson, T. Graham, L. Burckhardt, M. Kratter, J-J. Lepine, A. Faber a.o. on films of W. Friedkin, L. Malle, S. Kubrick, F. Lang, A. Tarkowsky, P. Jackson a.o. (details in the definitive program!)

4.00 pm Concluding plenary session

4.30 pm End of the meeting