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COV&R-Bulletin No. 10 (March 1995)

Special Issue of Paragrana

Paragrana: Internationale Zeitschrift für Historische Anthropologie, a journal edited by "Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Historische Anthropologie der Freien Universität Berlin", deals in its latest issue (Vol. 4/2 [1995]) with the theme "Mimesis - Poiesis - Autopoiesis." Several articles of this issue are directly related to the mimetic theory:

Anspach, Mark R. "The Making of a Meta-God: Sacrifice and Self-Transcendence in Vedic Mythology." (pp. 117-125)

Cochetti, Stefano. "The Dogon Sacrifice as a Literal Metaphor." (pp. 144-150)

Dumouchel, Paul. "Rationality and the Self-Organization of Preferences." (pp. 177-191)

Dupuy, Jean-Pierre. "Mimesis and Social Autopoiesis: A Girardian Reading of Hayek." (pp. 192-214)

Emrich, Hinderk M. "Physiognomy of the Psychological: Toward a Theory of 'Mimesis'." (pp. 126-143)

Gebauer, Gunter and Wulf, Christoph. "Social Mimesis." (pp. 13-24)

Girard, René. "Mythology, Violence, Christianity." (pp. 103-116)

Hamerton-Kelly, Robert G. "Popular Sovereignty and the Sacred: A Mimetic Reading of Rousseau's Doctrine of the General Will." (pp. 215-244)

Palaver, Wolfgang. "Foundational Violence and Hannah Arendt's Political Philosophy." (pp. 166-176)

Webb, Eugene. "Mimesis, Evolution, and Differentiation of Consciousness." (pp. 151-165)

This issue of Paragrana (ISSN 0938-0116) can be purchased for DM 27,-. European customers should contact VCH, Postfach 101161, D-69496 Weinheim; Telefon: (06201) 606146; Telefax: (06201) 606117). American customers: VCH Publishers, Inc., 303 N. W. 12th Ave., Deerfield Beach, FL 33442-1788; telephone (305) 428-5566 or 1-(800)-367-8249; telefax: (305) 428-8201.