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Colloquium On Violence & Religion



COV&R-Bulletin No. 10 (March 1995)

Ethnic Conflict in International Perspective

The Annual Summer Meeting of COV&R at Stanford University, sponsored by the Center for International Security and Arms Control, Stanford University (June 27-29, 1996)

Lodging: Lodging will be in Sterling Quadrangle of Governor's Corner one our newest student housing complexes. Sterling Quad is located amongst stands of California live oaks near the Stanford golf course. It looks onto the driving range. There are three types of room available, a single, a two-room double, and a one-room double. The single room is simply that; the two room double is two separate rooms, one inner and one outer, linked by an intervening door. The inhabitant of the inner room has to pass through the outer room to go in and out and for this reason they are considered shared not single rooms. The one room double is a single room with two beds in it, suitable probably for couples. Costs for lodging are $47.25 per night for a single room; $34 per person per night for a double room. Accommodations have full housekeeping service Monday-Friday. You may come early and stay late, using your campus room as a base for exploring the San Francisco Bay area. The earliest you may check in is after 5 PM on Friday, June 21st, 1996. After the conference you may stay as long as there is space available, as determined by the university. The charges remain the same for these times. We shall provide you with maps and pamphlets to guide you in exploring the Bay area and Northern California. The plenary sessions will be held in the main meeting hall of the Eliot Conference Center. The hall is on the second floor and opens out onto a large Redwood deck that overlooks Lake Lagunita and gives a panorama of the foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains. The Advisory board will meet in the conference room adjoining the hall. The Saturday morning "break-out" sessions will be held in seminar rooms in the residences of Sterling Quad., where most of us will be staying.

Board: Those registering for the conference and lodging on campus are required to pay for the meal package. It includes three meals per day and costs $62.65 per day. If your register for the conference but do not lodge on campus, you may but are not required to buy the meal package. You may purchase tickets for individual meals. If you are the spouse or significant other of a registered participant and you are staying on campus but not registering for the conference yourself, you are not required to take the package. You may purchase tickets for individual meals. Registered participants lodging on campus cannot purchase meal tickets but must purchase the whole package. The food is very good, elegantly served on white linen, in the dining room and out on a patio under trellises covered with Wisteria. Wine from the Woodside Vineyards will be served with evening meals. The catering service is accustomed to serving international business conferences, one of which will be going on at the time of our conference.

Recreation: Registered conference participants have the use of the nearby golf course for the cost of the green fees, the nearby tennis courts, and the several university swimming pools. There are several jogging and walking trails within easy reach. Depending on how the program develops we may attend an organ festival on the Friday evening in the University Church, when all three of the church's exquisite organs will be played by virtuosi participating in the San Anselmo Music Festival.

Costs: Board and lodging costs to be paid in full on arrival, payable to COV&R.

Room and board from dinner on Wednesday June 26 through breakfast on Sunday June 30: $350 (per person double occupancy); $405 (per person single occupancy)

Advisory Board supplement for extra day from Tuesday dinner through Wednesday lunch: $100 (per person double occupancy); $110 (per person single occupancy)

Accommodation of spouse: $34 per night.

Conference fee (includes price of wine and the banquet on Saturday): $75 for COV&R members; $100 for non-members

General Information: Parking permits can be purchased on arrival. Conference ID card entitles you to use tennis and swimming facilities, and to play on the golf course for a fee. Info packet after we receive registration will contain map, info on shuttle service from airport, info on what to do in the area, info on how to contact participants while on campus. Marguerite, the campus bus service, runs on weekdays. For further questions please contact:

Robert Hamerton-Kelly


320 Galvez Street

Stanford, California 94305-6165

Telephone: 415-725-5367

E-mail: Rc.Rob@Forsythe.Stanford.edu