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Colloquium On Violence & Religion



COV&R-Bulletin No. 10 (March 1995)

Future Events

June 27-29, Stanford University. Theme: Ethnic Conflict in International Perspective. Organizer: Robert G. Hamerton-Kelly. Note: The Advisory Board will meet on Wednesday, June 26. Advisory Board members will need to arrive by the evening of June 25.

November 23 (and perhaps 24), 1996 in New Orleans in conjunction with AAR/SBL N.B.! This is a correction: it was announced in the last issue that this meeting would be in San Francisco. It is the 1997 convention of AAR/SBL that will take place in San Francisco.

June 24-26, 1997 in Graz, Austria: Theme: Film and Modernity: Violence and Religion. Organizer: Gerhard Larcher.