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COV&R-Bulletin No. 9 (Oct. 1995)

Special Issue of Synthesis

Synthesis: An Interdisciplinary Journal, a newly founded journal, deals in its first issue (Spring 1995) with the theme "Chaos in the Humanities." Four articles of this first issue are directly related to the mimetic theory:

Anspach, Mark Rogin. "The Solitary Madman and the Maddening Crowd: Symmetrical Morphogenesis of the Social Bond." (pp. 129-145)

Palaver, Wolfgang. "Order out of Chaos in the Theories of Carl Schmitt and René Girard." (pp. 87-106)

Scubla, Lucien. "Towards a Morphogenetic Anthropology: Generative Violence and Singularity Theory." (pp. 107-127)

Simonse, Simon. "Mimesis, Schismogenesis, and Catastrophe Theory. Gregory Bateson as a Forerunner of Mimetic Theory: with a Demonstration of his Theory on Nilotic Regicide." (pp. 147-172)

This first issue of Synthesis can be purchased for twenty dollars. The annual subscription fee for two issues is thirty dollars. For further information please write to:

Patrick Brady, New Paradigm Press, 5413 Neilwoods Drive, Knoxville, TN 37919, USA.