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COV&R-Bulletin No. 9 (Oct. 1995)

Announcement of 1996 COV&R Meeting: Ethnic Conflict in International

Perspective" - Center for International Security and Arms Control at Stanford

Call for Papers

The meeting will be at Stanford University, from the 27th-29th June, 1996. The theme of the meeting is Ethnic Conflict in International Perspective. It is co-sponsored by the Center for International Security and Arms Control at Stanford. We invite all members to submit papers on or related to this theme. Papers might deal with the phenomenon of ethnic conflict from the point of view of mimetic theory, or be case studies of conflicts as seen through the theory, or on any subject related to the theme. On the 29th there will be smaller group meetings on topics in literature, psychology, biblical studies, penal justice, and other topics of interest. Proposals for these smaller groups should be submitted to James Williams. A number of the keynote speakers who have special expertise in this subject will come from Stanford and the Center (CISAC). We are, therefore, especially eager to have papers from the COV&R membership to balance the presentations from those outside COV&R. Please send your proposals in brief outline by January 1st, 1996, to Robert Hamerton-Kelly, CISAC, Stanford University, 320 Galvez Str, Stanford, CA 94305-6165. The final copies for mailing to participants will be due on May 1st.