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Colloquium On Violence & Religion



COV&R-Bulletin No. 8 (March 1995)

COV&R Confernce 1995: Violence, Mimesis, and the Subject of Responsibility

Loyola University Chicago (June 1-3, 1995)


9:00 a.m. Welcome: Introductory Remarks

9:15 Literature I

Moderator: Jon Pahl, Valparaiso University

William Mishler, University of Minnesota: Rivalry and Sacrifice in Ibsen's "Emperor and Galilean"

Charles Bellinger, University of Virginia: Kierkegaard and Girard: Comparison and Contrast

William Johnsen, Michigan State University: Ibsen and the Drama of Self-Sacrifice

11:00 Women Question(s) I

Moderator: Judith Arias, East Carolina University

Jennifer Rike, Harvard University: Feminist Constructions of Selfhood

Patricia Klindienst, Independent Scholar: Virginia Woolf and the Problem of the Sacred

Natasha Reed, Princeton University: Dostoevsky's "Gentle Creature:" The Metamorphosis of a Truism

2:00 Secular Institutions

Moderator: Adriaan Peperzak, Loyola University Chicago

Eric Gans, UCLA: The Unique Source of Religion and Morality

Tobin Siebers, University of Michigan: Politics and Peace

3:45 Robert Hamerton-Kelly, Stanford University: The King and the Crowd

Wolfgang Palaver, Universität Innsbruck: Carl Schmitt: Liberalism, Communitarianism, and Sacrifice

Michael Elias, Lexis (Amsterdam): The Mimetic Praxis of Riddles and TV Quizzes

7:30 Jean-Michel, Oughourlian, Université de Besançon: The Mimetic Model in Psychotherapy

Response: Rusty Palmer, University of Washington

9:00 Welcome Reception


9:00 a.m. Biblical Studies

Moderator: Gil Bailie, Florilegia Institute (Sonoma)

James Williams, Syracuse University: The "Jews" in the Gospel of Matthew

David McCracken, University of Washington: Resisting Gospel Scandal

Cesáreo Bandera, University of North Carolina-CH: Christianity and Literature

11:00 Literature II

Moderator: Diana Culbertson, Kent State University

Andrew Bartlett, University of British Columbia: Violence, Inheritance, and Family Romance

Christopher Weimer, Oklahoma State University: The Phantom "pharmakos" in Tirso de Molina

Rebecca Adams, University of Notre Dame: Mesomorphs, Mothers, Myth, and Mimesis

2:00 Women Question(s) II

Moderator: Christine Froula, Northwestern University

Susan Nowak, Syracuse University: Mimetic Theory among Feminists

Martha Reineke, University of Northern Iowa: Race, Gender, and Violence in Nella Larson's Novels

Cheryl Kirk-Duggan, Meredith College: Mimetic Sister Societies

4:00 Ecclesiology

Moderator: James Alison, O.P., Instituto Pedro de Cordoba

Paul Neuchterlein, Emmaus Lutheran Church (Racine, WI): Sacrifice, Sacrament, Communion

Mark Wallace, Swarthmore Collge: Toward a Non-sacrificial Ecclesiology

Anthony Bartlett, Syracuse University: Ecclesial Projections of a Non-Sacrificial Gospel

7:30 René Girard, Stanford University: Mimesis and Paradox in Classical and Medieval Culture

Response: Martha Nussbaum, Brown University


9:00 a.m. Interfaith Dialogue

Moderator: Roberto Goizueta, Loyola University Chicago

Leo Lefebure, Saint Mary's University: Desire and Violence in Mimetic Theory and Socially Engaged Buddhism

Józef Niewiadomski, Universität Linz: Encounter of Religions in the Context of World Civilization

Raymund Schwager, Universität Innsbruck: Redemption by Sin? -- Jacob Taubes: A Jewish Reception of Pauline Theology

11:00 Jewish Christian Dialogue

Sandor Goodhart, Whitman College

Charles Mabee, Ecumenical Theological Center (Detroit)

Richard Prystowsky, Irvine Valley College

12:30 Box Lunch: COV&R Business Meeting

2:00 Parallel Workshops

Thurman Society: The Violence Reduction Workshop Model

Thee Smith, Emory University and National Coalition Building Institute

4:00 Discussion-Response: Roel Kaptein, Centre for the Study of Conflict, University of Ulster

2:00 Criminal Justice

Wayne Northey, Victim-Offender Ministries, Mennonite Central Committee, Canada

Peter Cordella, Dept. of Criminal Justice, St. Anselm College

Pat Barrett, Chaplaincy and Related Ministries, United Methodist Church

4:00 Response, Summary and Discussion: Vern Redekop, St. Paul University (Ottawa) and Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution

6:30 Banquet Reception for all registrants