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Colloquium On Violence & Religion



COV&R-Bulletin No. 8 (March 1995)

Future Events

June 1-3, 1995: Annual symposium of COV&R, at Loyola University of Chicago. Theme: "Mimesis, Violence, and the Subject of Responsibility."

October 13-15, 1995: The Ernest Becker Foundation plans a conference on the "Love of Violence" to be held in Seattle on the University of Washington campus in collaboration with the Department of Comparative Religion (see further information below)

November 17, 1995: Meeting of COV&R in Philadelphia, in conjunction with AAR/SBL.

Late May, 1996: Annual symposium of COV&R, at CISAC, Stanford University. Provisional theme: "Religion, Ethnic Conflict, and International Peacekeeping."

November 15, 1996: Meeting of COV&R in San Francisco, in conjunction with AAR/SBL.

June 4-7, 1997: Annual symposium of COV&R in Israel. Provisional theme: "Interreligious Dialogue."

Further Information on the Conference Sponsored by the Becker Foundation.

As with Becker's work, the focus will be interdisciplinary, on the boundary between science and philosophy/religion. Tentative commitments have been made by scholars in the pertinent disciplines, and "practitioners" of activist antiviolence groups will also be invited. The projected audience would be made up of the following constituencies: (1) the invited speakers communicating with each other (probably for the first time); (2) those on the Ernest Becker Foundation mailing list; (3) the large activist groups in western Washington; (4) the religious community; and (5) any interested members and friends of COV&R.

Direct suggestions and queries to Neil Elgee, President, Ernest Becker Foundation, 3621 72nd Ave. SE, Mercer Island, WA 98040, USA.