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Colloquium On Violence & Religion



COV&R-Bulletin No. 5 (Oct. 1993)

A Note from the Executive Secretary

The conference of the Colloquium on Violence and Religion on "Literature and the Sacred" at the University of North Carolina was an outstanding event and gave COV&R a big boost. There were 52 registrants, our record so far, with others in attendance for some of the papers. Thanks to all who contributed, and special thanks to Judy Arias and Cesáreo Bandera. Their planning and organization were simply superb and the setting at the Carolina Inn was lovely. The profits earned from registration fees will be used to begin an academic journal (see below).

Now as we proceed into the 1993-94 academic year, here are a few matters of note:

(1) A periodical will be launched in 1994. Initially it will be an annual journal. The editor will be Judy Arias, pending official confirmation at the 1994 annual conference in Wiesbaden (see "Future Events"). The name of the journal is yet to be determined.

(2) For those of you who will attend the COV&R meeting in conjunction with AAR/SBL in Washington, D.C. (see "Future Events"), please note there will be a COV&R reception on Friday night, November 19, beginning at 8:30. The location will be a suite at the Omni Georgetown. Just call the front desk and ask for my room number. Also, if you have suggestions as to people to invite to the sessions and the reception, please let me know.

(3) Finally, congratulations to Cesáreo Bandera on the acceptance of his book for publication by the Penn State University Press. The book, The Sacred Game, is a superb clarification and application of the mimetic model. It is expected to be published in time for the COV&R conference in Wiesbaden.

James G. Williams