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Colloquium On Violence & Religion

Innsbruck 2003 - Graham Ward


WardGraham Ward

University of Manchester, UK
E-mail: graham_ward@hurst2246.freeserve.co.uk

Curriculum vitae

Graham Ward is currently Professor of Contextual Theology and Ethics and Director of the Centre for Religion, Culture and Gender at the University of Manchester, having previously been Dean of Peterhouse, Cambridge. Besides acting as executive editor for the Oxford University Press Journal, Literature and Theology, he co-edits two influential book series:
Christian Theology in Context (with Tim Gorringe and Serene Jones for Oxford University Press) and Radical Orthodoxy (with John Milbank and Catherine Pickstock for Routledge).

Selected Publications

Selected Publications

He has published over 80 articles in an variety of international journals and edited several volumes on postmodern theology and philosophy. He is currently working the second volume of his City work, Cultural Ethics and Public Truth and a monograph entitled Christian Poetics and Cultural Hermeneutics