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Colloquium On Violence & Religion

Innsbruck 2003 - Film Evening

Divine Intervention

"Violent Passions: Four Films About Politics, War, Terror, and Religion"

Guerre Sans Images

Film evening in cooperation with the
12th International Film Festival Innsbruck

Detailed Program

7:15 p.m.: Yadon Ilaheyya / Divine Intervention
Israel/Palestine, 2002; 92 min
Director: Elia Suleiman
Hebrew/Arabic with German subtitles

Divine Intervention

Subtitled "A Chronicle of Love and Pain," Palestinian director and performer Elia Suleiman delivers in his fifth film a darkly comic masterpiece portraying the absurdities of daily live under the conditions of an ongoing civil war. Woven into his subtle portrayal of this explosive atmosphere in current Israel and Palestine Suleiman narrates in his film also a strange love story. In 2002 this film won both the Jury Prize and FIPRESCI awards at the Cannes International Film festival.

7.30 p.m.: L’Autre Monde
Algeria, 2001; 95 min
Merzak Allouache
French/Arabic with French and German subtitles

L'Autre Monde

Yasmine, Frenchwoman of Algerian descent, leaves Paris for Algeria in search of her boyfriend Rachid, who disappeared suddenly six months ago. Speaking only French, she travels through the cities and deserts of modern Algeria following a trail she hopes will lead to her true love. In the process she confronts a traumatized country, and experiences the violence, generosity, fatalism and hope of its people. Allouache’s first film shot in Algeria since 1993.

9:15 p.m.: Nishad
India, 2002; 118 min
Director: Shaji N. Karun

Hindi/English with English subtitles


An unexpected or untimely phone call, to many, brings unpleasant news - news of death, sickness or some misfortune. In the Gujral household, a mistaken call from a young boy trying desperately to reach his mother disrupts the peace and tranquillity of their home. A story of memories, attachments and recollections - woven into the fabric of two sensitive minds – a father...a mother – and on the brink of an imminent war between India and Pakistan.

9.30 p.m: Guerre Sans Image – Algérie, Je Sais Que Tu Sais/Algeria I Know That You Know
Algeria, 2002; Documentary film, 90 min
Director: Mohammed Soudani

French/Arabic with English subtitles

Guerre sans images

Algeria's forgotten civil war continues to escape the headlines. After being absent for 30 years, film maker Mohammed Soudani returns to Algeria with photographer Michael von Graffenried in search of the anonymous faces photographed 10 years prior. Too many of these faces have since disappeared. Looking back over the images, Soudani comments on the state of his country.

Leokino Innsbruck, Anichstrasse 36 (10 minutes walk from conference hall) 

Admission (per Film):
5.- EUR (special price & guaranteed ticket for pregistration)*
6.- EUR (normal price at box office, but no ticket guarantee)

* Film preregistration is possible either by sending now a short E-Mail (including the name of the wanted movie/s as well as the number of tickets) to Dietmar.Regensburger@uibk.ac.at or on Wednesday, June 18, at the conference registration desk.

The main aim of the International Film Festival Innsbruck is to present lesser known cinematographical works to a greater audience. This year it features films from Latin America, Central Asia, the Indian subcontinent and the Maghreb. In cooperation with the Theological Faculty the organizers will present a film special on the evening of Thursday, May 19, 2003, which is open both for participants of the COV&R conference as well as for Festival visitors. The four films presented will focus on the role of passions in the interrelation of politics, media, war and religion. All films take place in current manifest or latent civil war areas (Algeria, Israel/Palestine, India/Pakistan) and show the endless cycles of violence and counter violence in impressive scenes. Despite the realistic illustration of living conditions marked by violence, suffering and despair all films, especially the Indian film Nishad, also let shine through the transformative power of love, faith and forgiveness. All films are shown in the original language with subtitles. Two of the directors (Merzak Allouache, Shaji N. Karun) will present and discuss their films at the Festival themselves. 

Institut für Systematische Theologie / Research Program “Religion - Violence - Communication - World Order” / Colloquium on Violence & Religion

Further information:
Dr. Dietmar Regensburger, Institut für Systematische Theologie, Karl Rahner Platz 1, A-6020 Innsbruck/Austria, Tel. ++43 512 507 8588, FAX: ++43 512 507 2761.