Schedule online!

Dear participants and listeners,

the schedule for our conference is now available. A PDF-version will follow after some modifications that will come up for sure.

Publication of conference proceedings

Dear colleagues,

We are proud to anounce that there will be the opportunity of publishing your papers in a conference proceedings with a publisher form Newcastle. Papers can be written in German or English. Every author will be responsible for editing herself/himself.

We will search for financial support on the University of Innsbruck an keep you informed about our progress.

We are also trying to get your articles published in the Wiener Linguistische Gazette like last years' conferences. Publishing there will also be able in German and English.

Everything else on publishing will be discussed at our conference.

Best regards, your ÖSKL-team

1. Call for papers

Dear students and friends of Linguistics!

We proudly announce that this year’s “IV. Österreichischische Studierenden-Konferenz der Linguistik” is hosted by the Institute for Languages and Literatures, Department of Linguistics in Innsbruck.

We would like to invite you to present your research in the context of this event and to get in contact with like-minded people during the conference.

On this site you’re about to find the most important facts about the forthcoming conference and, of course, our contact details.

We, the organisation team of the ÖSKL 2011, are looking forward to seeing you there!