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[2006-04-10] The "National Report", that was published at the beginning of April 2006, presents the findings of an analysis for exploiating the ideas of reUSE on a national basis (Slovenia). [more]

[2006-03-30] Since end of March 2006 the reUSE team has published the "Evaluation Report". It covers the results of the project and presents a transparent and objective collection of data. But most importantly, a new methodology for the evaluation of digital repositories has been developed, which could be used for the assessment of other repositories. The findings in the Evaluation Report are useful to the library community. [more]


[2006-03-01] The first European-Wide "SURVEY ON THE LONG-TERM PRESERVATION OF DIGITAL DOCUMENTS IN EUROPEAN LIBRARIES" realised whithin the reUSE project by Krimbacher, Neuhauser & Vogl, has been carried out sucessfully. 330 libraries in 25 European countries returned a valid questionaire and therefore we do have the first time ever representative answers on the status quo of digital preservation among all national, general research and academic libraries in the European Community. [more]

[2005-09-15] As per end of the first project year, the reUSE team published the annual report. It can be stated that the reUSE team is in a good progress and stands in a high position compared to its foreseen aims. [more]


[2005-09-01] In the first week of September around 700 libraries in Europe will be contacted in order to take part in a "Study on trusted digital repositories in Europe". The aim of the study is to evaluate the current situation of digital preservation in Europe's libraries. It is carried out by the Austrian company Krimbacher, Neuhauser & Vogl. [more]


[2005-07-01] DIGAR is a digital repository of National Library of Estonia. It has been set up whithin the reUSE project and is online since July 2005. DIGAR is collecting, preserving and making available the digital copies of books and publications obtained from the public sector institutions in Estonia. In June 2006, after the legal deposit law of electronic publications entering in force in Estonia, the selected online publications with free acess will be added to the DIGAR archive.

[2005-06-20] The reUSE team has published its "White paper on digital repositories". The paper summarizes the digital preservation topic from the point of view of the reUSE project. Download the paper from the "docs" section. [more]


Many public sector institutions are acting as publishers. National, regional and local administrative units, cultural and scientific associations, NGOs, universities and educational organisations are editing and distributing books, journals, reports, newspapers, working papers, studies and many more.

All these publications are collected, preserved and made available by libraries – but still in its printed form only.

turning point

The reUSE project is dedicated to extend the service portfolio of libraries by collecting and managing printed publications together with their digital origins.


-  Publishing bodies and editors will enjoy that the digital origins of their publications will be preserved for years and decades.

- Users have seamless access to the digital objects via established library channels such as electronic catalogues. Instead of ordering and lending a book it is just a double-click away.

-  Users can rely on the trustworthiness of their information source and that it will be available next year as well as in 10 or 30 years.

-  Libraries are relieved from handling the printed publication, the work intensive lending process is obsolet.


reUSE is a cooperative project of libraries and universities from Austria, Estonia, Germany and Slovenia funded through the European Commission eContent Programme. Demonstrators will be set up by the National Library of Estonia, the Media and Library Center of the Humboldt University Berlin, Austrian National Library and the Austrian Literature Online working group consisting of the University Libraries Innsbruck and Graz and the University Linz.

The National and University Library of Slovenia, Die Deutsche Bibliothek and the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering will evaluate these demonstrators in order to provide detailed information for all publishers, libraries and users interested in the reUSE approach.

and you?

Don't hesitate to contact us directly. Contact persons will be available for you in all countries participating in the project.