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Dienstag, 05.12.2023


INNPeace Public Lectures & Events: The politics of trauma, memory and reparation in Australia: the story of the Stolen Generations

16:00 - 18:00 Uhr
Hybrid: Sowi / Hörsaal 2; online, Kaiserjägerstraße 1, 6020 Innsbruck

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Dr. Fiona Murphy

Fiona Murphy is an anthropologist based in the School of Applied Language and Intercultural Studies (SALIS) at Dublin City University. As an anthropologist of displacement, she works with Stolen Generations in Australia and people seeking asylum and refuge in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Turkey. She has a particular passion for creative and public anthropologies and is always interested in experimenting with new forms and genres.

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This talk examines the politics of memory, trauma and the so-called reconciliation movement in the context of the removal of Indigenous Australian children known as the Stolen Generations. The talk will outline the different approaches to reconciliation and reparation thus far in response to this history.

No registration for in presence participation; online registration https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0kdOqoqDgqHtzeGKGpSg-Ac0H3Rs4wi88s


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