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Mittwoch, 19.04.2023


A Democracy in Crisis: Truth, Trust, and the Media in the US

18:00 - 19:30 Uhr
HS 7, Innrain 52

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Prof. Phillip Ardoin

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Dr. Ardoin’s guest lecture is titled "A Democracy in Crisis: Truth, Trust, and the Media in the US” and will focus on how the tremendous growth of partisan and fragmented media in the US threatens the stability of US-American democracy. What is truth, for many Americans, depends on the source of their news. Was the 2020 election stolen? Do windmills cause cancer? Is global warming real? Dr. Ardoin's guest lecture will examine the growing fragmentation of media in the US and how it is impacting contemporary American politics and the future of Democracy in the US.

The event is part of the two-part event "From Nixon to Trump: Changes in US Media Coverage of the Presidency."


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