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Mittwoch, 18.05.2022


Uses of Violence: The Sociopolitics of Titus Andronicus

17:15 - 18:45 Uhr
Universität Innsbruck - Hörsaal 5 3/4, Innrain 52, 6020 Innsbruck

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Dorothee Birke

Weitere Informationen

"Experience your Shakespeare!... Make Shakespeare your own!" This is the advice the Shakespeare expert, Marjorie Garber, likes to give to her students. Every age, she argues, has done so and created its own Shakespeare, discovering for itself that "Shakespeare is always in the present time" by dint of being brought to life in performances and thus heard and seen anew. The "authentic Shakespeare," on the other hand, Garber argues, is "a moving target," impossible to capture once and for all.
With this in mind, the literature team of the English Department has decided to offer a lecture course opening up a whole range of avenues into selected plays of Shakespeare. In each class, a different lecturer will discuss a text of their choice from an angle of their choice and in so doing cast light on the specific modernity they discern in the piece under examination. In demonstrating how they 'make Shakespeare their own', each lecturer hopes to encourage participants to do the same by sharpening their awareness as well as their understanding of the plural complexities that characterise Shakespeare's works.
Meant also as a celebration of our long awaited return to classroom teaching, the lecture is designed to provide not only room for discussions but, hopefully, also opportunities for personal exchanges with individual speakers after class.


Institut für Anglistik / Department of English