The meeting will be held at the Institute of Botany, University of Innsbruck
The Institute of Botany is situated in the urban district “Hötting” in the northern part of Innsbruck at an altitude of 600m.

Innsbruck “The capital of the Alps”
Innsbruck is the capital of Tyrol. It is located in the heart of the Alps – embedded in the surrounding mountains. As former Royal Capital and University town, Innsbruck offers rich cultural experiences. Further, Innsbruck is well known as a hotspot for summer and winter sports. In 1964 and 1976 Innsbruck hosted the Olympic winter games. In 1984 and 1988 it hosted the winter Paralympics and will host the 1st Youth Olympic Games in January 2012.
The weather in March can be changeable, with temperatures ranging from 0°C to 10°C.

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Public Transport
Innsbruck has a good network of public transport mainly by bus and taxi
- however the buslines to the institute changed recently as follows.

The Institue of Botany is connected with the town centre and the train station by 2 bus lines (A and H). To reach the institute from the main train station (Haupbahnhof) go to the third platform (C) from the main entrance and take bus H in the direction of "Allerheiligenhöfe". Get off at the bus stop "Botanikerstrasse" which is located close to the lower entrance of the Botanical Garden. Busline A from the town centre (Museumstrasse) brings you also to the bus stop "Botanikerstrasse" or 2 stops later at stop "Klausenerstrasse" to walk downhill to the institute. From stop "Botanikerstrasse" you reach the institute through the Botanical Garden. If the gate is closed go around the garden to the right (eastern) side along a little footpassage connecting Botanikerstrasse with Sternwartestrasse. To go downtown from the institute you can get both buslines at the stop Botanikerstrasse, but for line A direction "Sanatorium Rum" goes downhill. To come downtown whith line H you must take the bus the other side of the road (uphill in Botanikerstrasse) in direction of "Schutzengelkirche" or "Seniorenheim Saggen". Busline F is connecting the airport with downtown and links to the bus lines A and H connecting to the institute.

You can buy tickets in advance or with the driver.
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One Way Tickets: 1,90€
Innsbruck 24h: 4,20€
4-drives-ticket (“4-Fahrten Ticket”): 6,00€
(Senior citizens [min. Age: female 60; male 65] pay 4,20€  for the 4-drives-ticket)

Innsbruck Card
Offers entrance to major museums and other visitor attractions + use of all public transport in Innsbruck.
24 h: € 29
48 h: € 34
72 h: € 39

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