About us

The Department of Legal Theory and Future of Law was established in 2019 at the Faculty of Law of the University of Innsbruck.


Current developments

Research and teaching at the Department focuse on legal questions that arise due to new and emerging developments in society, politics, economics and technology. Special emphasis is placed on theoretical, philosophical and methodological questions.

Platform for collaboration

The Department facilitates collaboration between members of the other nine departments of the Faculty of Law who examine current developments from the perspectives of various sub-disciplines of law.

Interdisciplinary approach

Research and teaching at the Department rely on an interdisciplinary approach. We draw on methods from other disciplines, such as linguistics, philosophy, political science or computer science, and we conduct joint projects with experts in these disciplines.

International outlook

We publish mainly in English in peer-reviewed journals and with internationally recognised publishers. In many of our projects, we collaborate with colleagues from universities abroad. Moreover, we offer most of our teaching in English.


Please follow this link for more information on our members.

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