Dr Clara Rauchegger


  • Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, Germany (2020)
    "Policymaking Observations" (Rapporteur)
    Workshop on Empirical Approaches in Platform Governance Research

  • University of Maastricht, Netherlands (2020)
    "Fundamental Rights Implications of Preventive Content Moderation"
    First Jean Monnet NOVA-EU Workshop on Digitalisation, Ethics and EU Fundamental Rights

  • Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, Austria (2019)
    "10 Jahre EU-Grundrechtecharta: Anwendung durch österreichische und europäische Höchstgerichte"
    44th meeting of the European Union Law Advisory Board (Beirat für Europarecht)

  • Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria (2019)
    "Die Kontrolldichte des EuGH bei Auslegung und Anwendung der Grundrechtecharta"
    19th Austrian European Union Law Conference (Österreichischer Europarechtstag)

  • University of Trento, Italy (2019)
    "Hate Speech on Facebook: The ECJ's Judgment in Glawischnig"
    Trento Innsbruck European Research Seminars (TIERS) on European Integration

  • European University Institute and University of Florence, Italy (2019)
    "Content Filtering by Online Platforms"
    1st conference of the IACL Research Group Algorithmic State, Market and Society

  • University of Oxford, UK (2019)
    "National Constitutional Courts post-Lisbon and the Charter"
    International conference "The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights in the Member States"

  • University of Innsbruck, Austria (2019)
    "Filterung von Online-Inhalten durch künstliche Intelligenz: aktuelle Entwicklungen im Unionsrecht"
    Public lecture

  • University of Helsinki, Finland (2018)
    "Governing Online Hate Speech and Fake News"
    3rd workshop of the NoLesLaw – Network of Legal Empirical Scholars

  • University of Salzburg, Austria (2018)
    "Automated Analysis of Case Law through Natural Language Processing and AI"
    Austrian Early Career Conference for Public Law (AssistentInnentagung)

  • University of Leicester, UK (2018)
    "Supremay of EU Law"
    Internationale conference "The General Principles of EU Law"

  • University of Linz, Austria (2018)
    "Profiling im Lichte der Datenschutzgrundverordnung"
    Inaugural conference of the LIT Lab for Digital Transformation and Law

  • European University Institute, Italy (2018)
    "Artificial Intelligence and Democracy"
    Internationale conference "Opportunities and Challenges in Regulating Robotics and Artificial Intelligence"

  • European University Institute, Italy (2018)
    "Challenges to EU Law in the Member States" (with Anna Wallerman)
    Interdisciplinary workshop "National Political Communities and International Institutions"

  • European University Institute, Italy (2018)
    "The Primacy of EU Law over National Constitutional Law in Light of the Case Law of the CJEU Post-Lisbon"
    International conference "States, Societies and Crises Across Time and Space"

  • University of Copenhagen, Denmark (2017)
    "The CJEU and National Constitutional Rights"
    Annual conference of the International Society of Public Law ICON-S

  • LUISS University Rome, Italy (2017)
    "Conflicts between EU and National Fundamental Rights before Constitutional Courts"
    Conference of the International Association of Constitutional Law

  • European University Institute, Italy (2017)
    "The CJEU and National Constitutional Rights"
    International conference "Transformation, Instability, and Diversity"

  • European University Institute, Italy (2017)
    "The Solange III Approach of the German Federal Constitutional Court"
    Department of Law Max Weber Seminar

  • European University Institute, Italy (2017)
    "Mutual Trust and the Role of National Courts" (Discussant)
    International conference "From Justice and Home Affairs to Security Union: Europe's Silver Jubilee"

  • European University Institute, Italy (2017)
    "The ECJ and National Constitutional Courts in Criminal Law" (Discussant)
    EJLS 10th Anniversary conference

  • University of Milano, Italy (2016)
    "The ECJ’s Approach to the Co-Application of EU and Domestic Fundamental Rights"
    Conference of the American Society of Comparative Law Younger Comparativists Committee

  • University of Cambridge, UK (2016)
    "Standard of Review under the Charter of Fundamental Rights"
    Centre for European Legal Studies PhD Seminar

  • University of Innsbruck, Austria (2015)
    "Das EU-Grundrecht auf Datenschutz am Puls der Zeit"
    Austrian Early Career Conference for Public Law (AssistentInnentagung)

  • University of Durham, UK (2015)
    "The Application of the EU Charter by the Belgian Constitutional Court"
    Durham-Cambridge Doctoral Workshop in EU Law

  • University of Antwerp, Belgium (2014)
    "The Interaction of EU and Domestic Fundamental Rights from an EU Law Perspective"
    Guest lecture for the Research Group Government and Law

  • VU University Amsterdam, Netherlands (2014)
    "Transnational Fundamental Rights Protection in Europe"
    COST Action Workshop "Transnational Law"

  • University of Copenhagen, Denmark (2014)
    "EU Fundamental Rights: Has the ECJ Embraced Constitutional Pluralism?"
    Congress of the Fédération Internationale pour le Droit Européen (FIDE)

  • University of Cambridge, UK (2014)
    "Melloni and the Problem of Diverging Standards of EU and Domestic Fundamental Rights Protection"
    Cambridge University European Society Lunchtime Seminar

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