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On the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
Conditions for implementation in Germany

The report shows: Germany has already taken first important steps in some fields to regulate AI in a way that is human rights-compliant and oriented towards the common good, but in other fields there is still a great need for action. The UNESCO AI Ethics Recommendation provides a framework for this.

The study was prepared by Prof. Dr. Matthias C. Kettemann and others together with Institute members Philipp Jaud and Lisa-Maria Riedl on behalf of the German Commission for UNESCO.

  Go to the Open Access UNESCO-publication (in German).



How to save the emancipation of the internet?

New essay by Prof. Kettemann in the Global Media Journal:


Katharina Mosene, Matthias C. Kettemann: Noch einmal kurz die Welt retten: Machtkritische Perspektiven auf digitale Emanzipationsgewinne, Global Media Journal – German Edition (2022) (Bd. 11 Nr. 2 (2021): Herbst/Winter 2021), Special Issue: Global Digital Media from Intersectional, Queerfeminist and Post- and Decolonial Perspectives, 



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