„Enter Bionics!“ – The Mixed Reality Bionics Lab

Enter Bionics! - Das Mixed Reality Bionik Labor
Design: Elisabeth Lukasser-Vogl (Agent: Image by Gentle07 from Pixabay; Fliege: Virvoreanu Laurentiu auf Pixabay; 3 Screenshots: Thorsten Schwerte)

The planned end product is an audio/video and text-based teaching and learning aid in a smartphone-based mixed reality presentation with game mechanism and interactive agent (tutor, artificial intelligence).

In this project, the possibilities and limits of digitizing learning content in the context of digitally supported research-based learning and experiments are to be examined. Bionics, as a popular interdisciplinary field, connects the fields of biology, physics, chemistry, and mathematics. Bionics uses innovative key concepts from nature that are focused on the topic of energy (saving) with students. The smartphone as a cockpit for the different learning content is both a teaching medium, a measuring device, and an interactive tutor in one. Gamification, d. H. Experiments in station operation designed with a programmed game mechanism take place completely digitally as well as with experimental aids from everyday life or in the laboratory. With its integrating aspect of a daily tool, the smartphone enables a mixed reality environment between basic knowledge and physical experiments in the real world.
Specifically, for this project, we will develop a virtual person (agent) who engages the user in a dialogue to present learning material in a realistic context and still offer enough help, depending on the expertise. The teacher agent gives audiovisual instructions as to which task has to be mastered and asks for (measurement) results of the users to then respond individually to the learner. This makes it easier for the learner to advance to the next task/experiment (level).

The content and experiments implemented as part of this project are intended to be the seed for new ideas and operations in the context of the Citizen Science Phase to make sustainable use of the creative potential of both teachers and students. In the future, these can then be used for new learning paths with game mechanisms via the "Locandy" content management system used here.

Das Team: Thorsten Schwerte, Emmerich Kneringer, Clemens Sauerwein, Peter Hausegger, Michael Schwarzer, Thomas Katzelberger und Elisabeth Lukasser-Vogl

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Enter Bionics! - Das Mixed Reality Bionik Labor Organigramm
Design: Elisabeth Lukasser-Vogl
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