Functional ontogeny of the circulatory system

vasculature development

Vascular development in young zebrafish

The interdependence of gas exchange and circulation in embryonic and larval fish or amphibians represents an important aspect of our research. Of particular interest are the onset of neuronal and humoral regulation in cardio-respiratory activity, the integration of circulation, gas exchange and the embryonic developmental plasticity.

Custom made non-invasive computer assisted image analysis enables to measure a broad portfolio of cardio-respiratory parameters. In parallel molecular biological parameters like gene and protein expression are taken into account to produce a holistic view of the early developmental processes.

Goal of this research is to provide insight into the functional ontogeny of the circulatory system and in it‘s flexibility in order to cope with changing abiotic conditions in terms of oxygen supply or temperature on the one hand and biotic influences like activity or genetic differences (mutations) on the other hand.


Visualization of bloodflow in a 3 dpf zebrafish

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Video: Cells and Fate - part 1
Video: Cells and Fate - part 2

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