Metabolic Analysis Cluster Innsbruck

There is a growing demand for the analysis of metabolic pathways, e.g. in tumour research, aging research, regeneration and immunology and general physiology. Technologic advancements in recent years enable the precise identification and quantification of metabolic processes, shedding new light on basic biological regulation mechanisms.

The Metabolic Analysis Cluster Innsbruck, in short MACI, synergizes the available expertise and machinery at the University of Innsbruck into a competence centre for metabolic analysis.

Currently the centre consists of two complementary sub centres, one situated at the Institute for Biomedical Aging Research, IBA (Rennweg 10) equipped with two Oxygraph units (Oxygraph 2K, Oroboros Instruments) for high resolution respirometry, and another sub centre at the Institute of Zoology (Technikerstr. 25) equipped with a microphysiometer (Seahorse XFp, Agilent Technologies) for metabolic flux measurements.


High-resolution respirometry
(Oxygraph 2K, Oroboros Instruments) at the IBA.

seahorse UPLC/MS

Microphysiometer (Seahorse XFp, Agilent Technologies) and UPLC-MS (Aquity Arc QDa, Waters) at the Institute of Zoology.


Since October 2019, we also operate a modern UPLC-MS instrument (Waters Aquity Arc with Single Quad) at the Institute of Zoology which we intend to use for the quantification of individual metabolites.

The Institute of Molecular Biology (AG Edenhofer) supported the aquisition of the Seahorse microphysiometer and the Institute of Biochemistry (AG Thedieck) supported the the aquisition of the UPLC-MS machine financially.

Furthermore, at both sites, external users can benefit from so called “cell hotels” - dedicated incubators for the preparation of experiments at the site.


For further information, please contact:

Pidder Jansen-Dürr (IBA)

Adolf Sandbichler (Institute of Zoology)

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