New newspaper articles on the project "Food-driven movements of birds in urban landscapes":


Congratulations to Romina Reinpold for successfully finishing her diploma thesis,
to Christine Rossetti, Magdalena Pfeiffer and Claire Rotondo for successfully finishing their MSc. thesis! 

New projects
Assessing food web dynamics to improve biocontrol of pests.

New members - welcome!

- Julian Altrichter, BSc. - our new MSc. student
- Pedro Branco Leote, MSc. - our new PhD. student
- Marijan Writz, BSc. - our new MSc. student


Upcoming events

Titelbild MATI
University Courses onMolecular Analysis of Trophic Interactions (MATI)Metabarcoding of Trophic Interactions (MOTI)

In addition to our very successful MATI course, which provides general background and methods for the analysis of trophic interactions, we offer also 2021 the new MOTI course to deliver in-depth information on the application of metabarcoding in this field.

Next MATI and MOTI course: February 2021


New video
GLOBAL 2000 wireworm project - how wireworms affect potato harvests (DE)


Team building - Team work makes the dream work

Team building event at the Sattelbergalm
Free Falling excercise: do you trust your team?



Upstream surfing & group BBQ at the Inn
Staying active & having fun!

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