Besides the standard equipment of institutions with zoological, molecular biological and developmental biological questions, we have some special equipment and methods at our disposal.

  • 3D Electron microscope
  • Elektronenmikroskop (Zeiss Libra 120 EFTEM, Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS), High Contrast Imaging (HCI))
  • Laser Scanning Mikroskop (Leica TCS SP5 II is an inverted laser scanning microscope that can capture high-resolution 3D images as well as fast quantitative processes)
  • Flux Analyzer (Seahorse XFp from Agilent Technologies, for the analysis of metabolic pathways, especially energy metabolism.)
  • Droplet Digital PCR System (absolute DNA or RNA quantification via nano-droplets)
  • Molecular analysis of trophic interactions – DNA analysis methods are used to study feeding relationships of organisms and thus their function in ecosystems.

  • eDNA analyses - identification of species based on the analysis of the genetic material of organisms, which they constantly release into their surrounding environment.

  • DNA Metabarcoding - is a method for the rapid and immediate survey of biodiversity

  • Diagnostic PCR - molecular technique in which one or more target species can be identified in parallel using specific probes.

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