The influence of sown wildflower strips in biological cabbage fields o the parasitism rate of cabbage pests

Y. Welwarsky, A. Juen, L. Pfiffner (FiBL) & M. Traugott (PI)

Joint project with the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) in Frick, Switzerland)

Within this project we evaluate if sown wild flower strips enhance parasitism levels within cabbage pest caterpillar populations. Primers targeting the most important parasitoids of Pieris brassicae, Pieris rapae, Mamestra brassicae, and Plutella xylostella have been developed previously. Now, we will use this set of molecular markers to (i) determine the parasitism levels in field populations of cabbage-feeding caterpillars, (ii) the spatial patterns of parasitized hosts in relation to the distance of the wildflower strip, and (iii) the parasitoids indirect impact on crop damage and yield loss.


Funding: FiBL, University of Innsbruck

Cotesia rubecula


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