The influence of Bt maize on the arthropod fauna

A. Juen & M. Traugott

Cooperation project with the Institute of Integrated Plant Protection, Kleinmachnow, Germany (Dr. B. Freier)


This project deals with the influence of Bt maize on the arthropod fauna of field sites. The project is part of the “Deutsche Bundesprogramm Sicherheitsforschung und Monitoring“ and run by the Institute for Integrated Plant Protection of the Federal Biological Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry (research group Dr. B. Freier). We investigate by means of ordination analyses if and in which extend the species community is influenced by Bt maize. The dataset comprises arthropod catches of several years both from the ground and the herbaceous layer. The outcomes of this project should provide further data for assessing the ecological risks of transgenic crops on the arable arthropod fauna.






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