2nd announcement, 9th International Macrostomum Meeting
Mail from September 24th, 2015

Dear Macrostomum Researchers and Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the "9th International Macrostomum Meeting" (9th IMM) will take place in Innsbruck from the evening of Friday, 27.11.2015 at 18:00 to the evening of Sunday, 29.11.2015 until around 16:00h (see attached flyer).


MEETING ADDRESS (a detailed map will be send out with the program):
University of Innsbruck
Institute of Zoology
Technikerstrasse 25
6020 Innsbruck


As mentioned in the 1st announcement (http://www.uibk.ac.at/zoology/9th-imm/) also consider flying to Munich. Please book accommodation yourself (see 1st announcement for suggestions).


If you would like to attend the meeting (and present a poster or talk) please fill out and return the registration form below to peter.ladurner@uibk.ac.at until November, 2nd 2015 at the latest. We ask for a registration fee of EURO 50 to be paid in cash on site.


Talks must not exceed 20min, as usual we try to have an active discussion after the talks (10 min) so the full slot will be 30min.

Posters are accompanied by a 2min introduction of the presenting author (do NOT exceed this time) before the begin of the poster session. Just summarize the principal idea and conclusion (no details of results). Use regular poster size (limit is A0).

Coffee, snacks, and Saturday lunch are included. We will have a common conference dinner in town which is also included within the registration fee.

GENERAL DISCUSSION: There will be a final summarizing discussion. Please let me know if you want to include a certain topic.

We plan to offer 3 workshops (about 2h each) on (1) animal handling, (2) Microinjection; (3) Morphology.

Workshop 1 "Animal Handling": This will include an overview of Macrostomum culturing; hands-on squeezing preparation for live observations including unmounting (e.g. for sequential RNAi phenotype screening of individual animals); documentation of squeezed live animals by interference contrast microscopy observation of selected tissues in live animals; mounting of stained animals in Vectashield;

Workshop 2 "Microinjection": Setup for injection of DNA/RNA into single-cell stage eggs including needle pulling and bending, micromanipulator and microscope adjustment, handling of eggs, and performing hands-on injections;

Workshop 3 "Macrostomum morphology": We will setup a Macrostomum morphology corner that includes several ultrastructure posters on different tissues and organs, live observation of semi-thin serial sections, microscope observations of stainings of muscle, nerve, testes, epidermis and other tissues; 3View example of Macrostomum ultrastructure serial sectioning sequence (500 images).

Please indicate your interest by checking the respective boxes in the registration section below.

You will be informed if you have a poster or talk as soon as possible after the registration deadline. The program will be sent out then.

Please forward this mail to interested colleagues.

Hopefully see you in Innsbruck,
Peter Ladurner (peter.ladurner@uibk.ac.at)
Birgit Lengerer
Robert Pjeta
Marcelo Rodrigues
Willi Salvenmoser
Julia Wunderer

REGISTRATION for the 9th IMM send a mail to: peter.ladurner@uibk.ac.at (please include 9th IMM in the subject title of your mail)

First Name: xx
Last Name: xx
Institution (incl. address and Country): xx

Tel: xx
Email: xx

Presentation (delete as appropriate): Oral/Poster/None
Title: xx
Authors: xx
Institutions: xx
Abstract (max. 300 words): xx

Participate in Workshop(s) (check box):
Workshop 1 "Animal Handling" [ ]
Workshop 2 "Microinjection" [ ]
Workshop 3 "Morphology " [ ]

Food requirements: vegan/ vegetarian/ other restrictions


Dr. Peter Ladurner
Institute of Zoology
Technikerstrasse 25
A-6020 Innsbruck
Tel: +43 512 507-51841
FAX: +43 512 507-51899

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