Vienna Scientific Cluster

The Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC) is a cooperation of several Austrian Universities (including University of Innsbruck) to satisfy the demand for scientific High Performance Computing of the participating institutions. The University of Innsbruck has been fully participating in the VSC project since the third generation VSC3 cluster and holds an average share of 6% of the total system. The project is currently in its fifth generation (VSC5 go-live pending as of Sep. 2021)

Members of the University of Innsbruck are entitled to apply for VSC usage. The application process is typical for large installations. Principal investigators1 may apply for test or regular access on a project basis. For regular access, projects need to be peer-reviewed. After a project has been granted, accounts may be created by the project leader for each group member.

1For funded projects, the applicant should be the person reponsible for the grant.

Typical projects have a duration of one year (extensible) and resource allotments of 100k - 5M Core-Hours, HOME Quota from a couple of GB up to a few TB, and "Global" (Scratch) quota up to hundreds of TB.

VSC resources

Administrative information

For support inquiries, please see the contact information or send mail to service (at)

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