Dear users of HPC-systems at the University of Innsbruck,

As part of our continued efforts to maintain the state of art in our HPC infrastructure, we are planning some important changes to our HPC systems in the next few months:

  1. As already announced, the existing Leo2 cluster will be decommissioned. This system has been running fine for five years. In 2015, operational cost and maintenance overhead can no longer be justified.

  2. In compensation, and thanks to additional contributions by several Departments, the Focal Point Scientific Computing, and Rektor Tilmann Märk, we can acquire a substantial expansion of the Leo3 cluster. Installation work for a new section of Leo3 including 900 new Haswell computational cores (est. 18 TFlops) will begin in January 2015. If all goes well, we plan to start regular operation during the second quarter of 2015.

  3. In addition, the new VSC-3 system, which is a joint project of several major Austrian universities, is planned to go into general operation in January. Our university's average share will be approx. 35 TFlops out of a total of almost 600 TFlops. Thanks to dynamical load balancing, users from Innsbruck may occasionally run jobs much larger than this average.

In total, we expect that the computational capacity available to our university will be significantly increased.

For more information, please visit the ZID HPC home page Details will be updated as planning proceeds.

The opportunity to exchange Leo2 for an expansion of Leo3 opened on a very short term. We will take efforts to help make your transition as smooth as possible. Please understand that our capacity for individual counseling will be very limited during the next few months.

With kind regards, your ZID HPC team.

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